About the Conferences

The conference aims to bring upon one platform experts, thinkers, entrepreneurs, professionals, academicians, and people working in all allied fields and present their research, field work in form of research papers or poster presentations. This will be coupled with industry experts from the field talking about their experiences. We invite everyone to participate in large numbers and be a part of this knowledge building activity. The selected research papers will be published in a peer reviewed journal with ISBN number.

The Theme

The planet earth has gone through transformation in last couple of centuries. Invention of Engine, use of fossil fuel has enabled us to produce goods at large scale. Population growth at exponential speed and shift of economy from Agriculture to Industry is another gift of industrial revolution. Today we heavily depend on various non renewable energy sources. This has put us in a dichotomy, on one hand we are trying hard to find new resources of the fossil fuel at the same time we are facing the issues because of the various toxins being generated by use of the same. Our Environment is at a threat the effects of Global warming and enhanced level of pollution has made most of the metros & big cities unlivable. We as Architects & Planners have a great role to play in the reversal process. We need to inculcate and practice the process of design which is oriented with the environment that is Design with the Environment.

‘Smart city’ is one of the most talked about, worked upon topics today. People from diverse fields
are working upon this concept. The Indian government has already identified 100 cities across India to be converted in to Smart cities. At the same time there is a great debate happening about the exact form and methods which will be adopted for Smart city. We strongly believe that Architects & designers have a great role to play in this.

The theme “Design with the Environment” with special focus on Smart Cities & Environmental
Considerations in Architecture & Planning derives from our above belief and aims to build a knowledge bank which can be used by everyone working in this domain. The theme is further divided in four sub themes listed below,
Quality of Life
 Social sustainability
 Image of City
 Smart village

You can write research papers or present your work ideas through posters. The papers can be based upon various sub themes which are listed in the table below,


Requirements of presentations

The presentation can be done in two forms Research paper or a poster presentation. The research papers submitted will be reviewed by a panel of eminent experts in the field. Only selected papers will be published in the proceedings. Papers of which showcase distinguish qualities in terms of originality of the topic, content, appropriate methodology will get an opportunity to be presented in the two days of conference. The details about requirements of the paper and submission dates are as below,

1. Research Paper
a. Paper size- A4
b. Maximum words – 2500 with black & white photographs in MS word. (Format will be shared
2. Poster size – A1 Portrait (594 X 841 mm)