Architectural Design II


Architectural Design – II

IIIrd SEM 2012-2013

 Assignment -1:  Design of Residence

Time Period :  six weeks

Presentation format  :  Hand drafted A1 size sheets & Model.

 Design Problem :-

 The proposal is to design a Residence for a family of 6 members consisting of a couple with 2 school going children and parents.

 The residence is to be designed as a Gr +1 storeyed structure of area approx 200 sqmts. Inclusive of all habitable rooms, toilets, passages, stairs, balconies, verandahs etc.

Parking space to be provided for 1 car, 2 scooters & 2 cycles.

 The design requirements in terms of spaces& areas shall be formulated by the students based on the assumptions as regards religion, occupation,hobbies, social and cultural lifestyle etc. of the family.

 The plot admeasuring approx. 500sqmts., is located in a residential cum commercial locality at Viman Nagar, Pune. The plot abuts on a 9.0 mt. wide road having panoramic view on one side as shown on the enclosed drg.

 Submission Details :-

  1. Site plan  - 1:100 scale.
  2. All floor plans  - 1:100 scale.
  3. Sections & elevations (minimum 2 each)  - 1:100 scale
  4. Model  - 1:100 scale.
  5. Views (Interior-minimum 2 nos.)

 Submission Dates :-

  1. Case study presentation                            22nd June 2012.
  2. Programme& physical data                       26th June 2012.
  3. Circulation & site analysis                         29th July 2012.
  4. Single line plans                                       6th July 2012.
  5. Double line plans/sections/elevations      17th July 2012.
  6. Prefinal submission                                  24th July 2012.
  7. Final submission                                       31st July 2012.



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